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Polyester Powder Coating

A coating for indoor and outdoor applications

Excellent weather resistance. Good flexibility. Outstanding adhesion properties.

All powder coatings of the 02 series are TGIC-free pure polyester systems providing lasting weather resistance. Therefore, this powder coating with its universal quality, high scratch resistance and high elasticity is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor applications.

You may download all information as data sheet (PDF):

Data sheet - PDF(152B)


Colour shade: all RAL, RDS, NCS, Pantone, Munsell
Finish: smooth, fine texture, rough texture, thin film, and effects
Gloss: from flat to high gloss
Density: ca. 1,5 g/cm3 , depending on colour shade and quality
Spreading rate: depends on the applied film thickness, c.f. formula
Storage life: average of 24 months