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The demand for surfaces preventing bacteria thriving has been growing on the market, especially in those times. Examples are hospitals, public transport, places selling or offering food products (restaurants, markets), pharmaceutical industry, etc. These anti-bacterial protection has to offer specific properties, such as:

  • high anti-microbial effect
  • long lasting efficency (durability)
  • no migration of active chemical in the cured film – no contamination of the matter in contact with anti-bacterial surfaces
  • low depletion from the film during cleaning procedure and
  • low toxicity

Under our traditional brand Color Powder Coatings (CPC), we offer anti-bacterial powder coatings based on well verified inorganic silver compound.  Inorganic nature of this compound prevents its migration and gives high chemical stability of anti-bacterial powder coatings. Compared to competitor products low concentration levels of inorganic silver compaund are used in CPC anti-bacterial powder coatings and far longer anti-bacterial activity is assured. They are efficient against a wide range of bacteria species. Almost all types of Color Powder Coatings can be developed as anti-bacterial powder for different surfaces and applications indoor, outdoor as well as for different surface appearances. Transparent anti-bacterial powder is an additional option. The anti-bacterial efficiency of Color Powder Coatings was tested according to Japanese standard JIS Z 2801-2010 on two different bacteria species : Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The graph below shows the number of living bateria per cm2 at the beginning of the test (t=0) and after 24 hours testing (t=24 hrs); y axis is logarithmic:






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